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About CatChingDo



To the Fascinating World of Cat Ching Do


Where everything is not as it seems, where the weak become powerful, the timid become self-assured, the fearful become courageous, and the non-believers become true believers in themselves.


Many individuals have come through our doors seeking confidence, reassurance, and knowledge of the martial way. However, only the ones that are able to face their inner most demons will stay the course and travel the true martial path.


Cat Ching Do is not for everyone, “the faint of heart need not apply.”


Cat Ching Do is, and always will be a street oriented system where the needs of the individual will out weigh the needs of the system.


Cat Ching Do is strongly rooted in the American Way, America Born, American Breed.


If you think that you have what it takes to be part of the Cat Ching Do Wolfpack then come join us on our quest!!


Cat Ching Do

4817 W. Farmington Rd.

Peoria, Illinois  61604


“The Way of Perceiving and Intercepting”
             Cat Ching Do means “The Way of Perceiving and Intercepting” Mr. Edward Catchings founded the system in the 1960’s. He envisioned an art for the people, one that all could benefit from. Not only as a personal protection system but one that is also empowering, as well as enriching to ones total life experiences. Cat Ching Do has within its core the elements of tae kwon do, traditional karate, self-defense, grappling, combatives, weapons training, and much more. Cat Ching Do has become one of the most versatile training systems in the international community. In Cat Ching Do the truths about the emotional, psychological, and physical combat are universal. Cat Ching Do is  an ever evolving system were there are no subject taboos, and all subjects concerning personal protection and personal growth can be discussed, challenged, researched, and reviewed until each individual reaches their truths to a fulfilling life.